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Faucet Admins

The following videos are for faucet admins.


Faucet Users

Where can I check my balance?

Go to address checking page here and enter your cryptocurrency address.
All your address statistics will be there.

Do i have to sign up?

No, you don't have to.
You can use our services without the need to sign up. Signing up is only for professional people whom want to have their coins in one place.

I can't find my address

We don't provide you an address, You must have your own address to claim from faucets.

When will i get my payout?

Bitcoin users can request a withdrawal any time that they wish.
Other coin payouts are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday

How much fee should we pay?

We are a free service and we do not get any fee.

What is a "payout threshold"?

Payout threshold is a minimal amount of coins which you need to collect in order to receive your collected coins into your address.
Most cryptocurrency (including Bitcoin) consider transactions with outputs lower than some established value to be non-standard (and thus they won't be processed). You can read about Bitcoin case at Github.
It also allows us to reduce fees sent to the network to minimum. Fees are proportionate to a transaction size. When a normal, typical Bitcoin transaction is sent, all inputs that the address in use received must be sent. The more inputs there are, the bigger the transaction gets and the network fee gets bigger. This is exactly what we prevents - we delay payouts and get more coins, so we (and faucet owners) pay a lower transaction fee when sending out coins to you.

How much is the payout threshold?/What is minimum balance for payout

The payment threshold for Bitcoin is 0.00010000 BTC.
The payment threshold for Dogecoin is 10 Doge.
The payment threshold for Litecoin is 0.00100000 LTC.
The payment threshold for Dashcoin is 0.00100000 Dash.

How can I see if I have been paid?

If you receive a payment, the amount will deducted from your balance and it will be added to your paid amount.
You can also see your withdrawals from the bottom of your dashboard.

What is "referral payout"?

Referral payouts are faucet payouts that were marked in a way that lets users know.

Faucet Owners

How much fee get?

Non, We do not get any fee from you.

How can i place my faucet in rotator?

After playing once in your faucet, Go to "Your Faucets" page, click on "Place in Rotator" in your faucet's box and complete the form.
If your faucet works it'll be accepted after 24 hours.

What is minimum deposits?

There is no limit, Send whatever you like.

How can i migrate from Faucetbox/Paytoshi to

Go the following link: